Intra is a holding company with over 25 years’ experience in the production and assembly of highly durable metal structures in Latvia and abroad. 

We rely on our own capacities to manufacture and assemble steel structures for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and infrastructural needs.

As professionals with a long-standing expertise servicing gas-supply facilities, our certified engineers, welders and locksmiths at Intra adhere to a high standard of precision and accountability.

The Intra team never rests on their laurels, setting ever more ambitious goals and continually acquiring the necessary skills to reach them.

We deliver orders of any scale or degree of complexity, designing structural solutions from scratch as well as participating in the execution of existing construction projects.

Companies within the holding have AAA credit ratings and possess a number of international certificates, including ieskaitot EN 1090-2:2018 EXC2, EN ISO 3834-2:2006 – representing excellence in quality assurance and management. 

“Setting high requirements for ourselves, paying attention to every detail and communicating openly are the three pillars of our work here at Intra. We build lasting partnerships with our customers that are based on earned mutual trust.”

Juris Upmacis, CEO Intra holding

Customers on Intra

“A combination of speed, quality and pricing we have never seen before.”

“We value the fact that Intra specialists do more than excel in their performance – they also offer the most cost-effective solution every time.”

“Professionals at their craft. Working with them was an excellent experience.”

Quality steel structures for your business needs

Hangar construction assembly

time lapse video

We Offer

Hangar structures: from A to Z

From supportive frameworks to staircases, ladders, and other internal parts.

Solutions for high-risk facilities

Platforms, frames, containers, cabinets, power-grid equipment.

Orders on any scale

We can manufacture a single item to spec or implement a complete design and assembly project.


Cannot find exactly what you’re looking for? Just ask us!

Wide range of metal processing and treatment services

From cutting and milling to painting and fireproofing.

What Makes Us Great

Customer-centred approach

We will advise you and propose the most effective solution – not just the most convenient one.

Team of powerful professionals

Internationally certified specialists who follow new developments in the industry.

Quality assurance

We work with trusted suppliers and make sure all measurements are precise down to the last millimetre.

In-house facility in Riga

We maintain our own production premises to keep our prices low and your waiting time short.

Results you can count on

We verify the durability of each part and perform the safe on-site assembly of steel structures.

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